Available Kittens

Kittens are coming!

Planned Litters:

Willowtreerags Jazzlyn of Horizondolls x QGC Perfect Change Hero

Born Feb. 22, 2020

5 Kittens

Colour/Patterns expected:

Blue Bicolours, Blue Mitteds, Seal Bicolours, Seal Mitteds.

Willowtreerags Aria X QGC Perfect Change Hero

Due mid-late March

Possible Colours/Patterns:

Blue and Seal Bicolours, with or without lynx.

Planned Breeding Summer 2020.

QGC Willowtreerags Yasmin Rose and QGC Perfect Change Hero

Colours/Pattern Expected: 

Males: Blue, Seal, Red, Cream Mitteds. Blue, Seal, Red, Cream Bicolours.

Girls: Blue and Seal Mitteds. Blue and Seal Bicolours. All possible with tortie.

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